How far in advance should I book you?
You should book your appointment as soon as you know the date/time of your event. A month in advance is preferred. Your appointment will be set only after the deposit is received.

What cosmetic brands do you use?
All of the products I use are professional products that were designed to give long lasting results and photograph beautifully. Most of the items in my kit were brought through professional retailers and aren't typically found in stores.

Do you provide on-site services?
Yes. All of my services are done where the client specifies. Additional rates for travel will be included.

Do you provide services for large groups? 
Yes, I can accommodate large groups depending on how early you are willing to start. If I cannot accommodate the entire party alone, I will hire another professional MUA or assistant.

What does a complete makeup application include?
All applications include skincare, facial contouring, brow shaping, color, and complementary false lashes.

What are you sanitation practices?
I practice strict sanitation practices to ensure that my products remain clean and that the client's health is not put in jeopardy. I always start makeup applications with clean brushes and am sure to use stainless steel palettes and spatulas to remove products/disposable tools when appropriate.

About how long does your makeup services take?
When booking an appointment, I like to have 1 hour and 30 minutes comfortably. In one hour, a full makeup application can be done. I like to have an extra 30 minutes for setup, clean up, to decide on products, etc.