I am very passionate about makeup artistry. It allows me to express myself, free of restraints. The love for this art comes naturally to me, but I definitely had to hone the skill. I started taking makeup seriously late 2013. So, compared to someI am very new to this industry! I have no formal training. Everything I've learned is through much practice and research. Estee Lauder was my very first cosmetic job; I've worked with Sephora as well, and now presently, I am a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and have been for 2 years. Most of my clients know me for the "natural look", or what I call Nude Glam. It's my trademark. This look goes beyond just "natural". It enhances what's there, and adds a dose of glam. This look isn't a carbon copy on each of my client's faces. I enhance the features that make you, YOU. I feel that's why so many of my clients love the look. They still see themselves when I hand them the mirror. Pushing myself to push my business has been an exciting journey for me. And this is only the beginning.